A scanner-based digital tool inspires architecture fans and students.

Project Type

UX Case Study

Solo Project


6 weeks

Dec 10, 2023 –

Jan 22, 2024


UX/UI Designer

Branding / Art Director

Motion Designer


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe AfterEffects
Adobe Premiere Pro

Arco makes a new experience for architecture students and fans.

The project was started from a personal interest in architecture and developed from in-depth research with students and industry professionals. After I witnessed the existing problems in the architecture education field, I organized the problems from the perspective of a product designer.


Lord Richard Rogers (1933 – 2021)

The Lord Rogers of Riverside is a British architect noted for his modernist and functionalist designs in high-tech architecture. Rogers is perhaps best known for his work on the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the Lloyd's building and Millennium Dome both in London, the Senedd in Cardiff, and the European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg.


If architecture students can access information about a building through a gamified user experience in person, it will get them to visit buildings directly and help with inspiration.

The community is full of architectural inspiration

Arco invites users to share their building photos and explore architectural wonders. Arco aims to shape the future of creative exploration.

Extensive Architecture Database

Arco archives thousands of architectural data, from architects and styles to detailed location information. Our database provides accurate architectural details to users.

Arco is the world's first architecture scanner.

With Arco, the city is filled with your inspiration. Arco's scanner feature brings architecture students off campus. You can easily get the information by only scanning the buildings with the arco app.

You can mark, collect, and explore with Arco's advanced camera interactive map.

Explore and get inspiration from the countless architectures of the city. From scanned structures to those you want to visit, you can conveniently save them in Arco's map features.

Swipe the Arco key (Scanner icon) up to use the Camera Interactive feature.

The 2D Top view map will change to the real-time live camera. Now, you can get architectural inspiration while walking around the city.

Explore the city full of inspirations with Arco


As a big fan of architecture and architects, This world and city are full of architectural fantasies and mysteries.
But, what do we know about them?

Target Audience

Primary Target : Architecture Students

Specifically targeting students enrolled in architecture programs, typically ranging from late teens to early twenties, residing in urban areas where architectural landmarks are prevalent.

Secondary Target : Architecture Enthusiasts

Specifically targeting individuals who are passionate about architecture and actively seek information about buildings while visiting major cities.

Potential User Research

Understanding the Architectural Perspectives of Students and Enthusiasts
User Research Guide
User Research Guide
User Research Guide

Research Implication / PainPoints

The Challenge of Finding and Collecting Architectural Inspiration

The research has discovered a significant gap in the resources available to architecture students and fans. Despite the wealth of architectural information and inspiration that exists, there is no centralized platform that caters specifically to their needs. As a result, they struggle to find comprehensive and reliable information about buildings, leading to a fragmented and frustrating user journey.

Inefficient Architecture Searching Experience

The overall user journey for finding and collecting architectural information is inefficient and frustrating, impacting the user experience negatively.

Limited Access to Inspirational Content

There is a gap in the availability of platforms that provide both informational and inspirational content tailored to the interests of architecture enthusiasts.

The Struggle to Explore Urban Architecture

In the dense urban jungles of cities, architecture enthusiasts struggle to navigate and explore the architectural wonders around them.

User Persona

Lilly is an Architecture Enthusiastic from Paris

Lilly Rose

Lilly Rose

She is a passionate sophomore architecture student from Paris, eager to explore New York City's architectural diversity during her vacation.


  • Real-world experience

  • Architectural exploration

  • New Inspirations


  • Lack of exposure

  • Inadequate understanding of architectures in NYC

  • Difficulty in searching for architectural information

More about Lilly
More about Lilly
More about Lilly

User Journey Map

Lilly is eager to explore New York City's architectural diversity

Design Opportunity

How might we develop a user-friendly digital tool that empowers architecture enthusiasts to effortlessly discover and engage with architectural wonders from around the world?

Technical Background

By leveraging Google Cloud’s Image Processing API, Arco’s features can provide users with detailed, real-time architectural information

Google Cloud’s Vision AI suite of tools combines computer vision with other technologies to understand and analyze video and easily integrate vision detection features within applications, including image labeling, face and landmark detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and tagging of explicit content.

Key Design Takeaways

In memory of Richard Rogers
  1. Incorporate Neon Pink
  1. Innovative Navigation
  1. Use of Flexible Curves
1. Incorporate Neon Pink

This design decision of neon pink as Arco's signature color is a tribute to Rogers' iconic palette, celebrating his pioneering approach to bringing vitality and character to architectural designs.

The design decision is more than aesthetic

In Arco, neon pink isn't just a color; it's a tool. Inspired by the innovative use of color in Richard Rogers' architecture, I've integrated this vibrant hue into our app's key technical features.

This bright color highlights analyzed parts and makes buildings stand out from the city background. It's a simple yet effective way to enhance the app's usability and make exploring architecture more fun.

2. Innovative Navigation

The Centre Pompidou was designed by Richard Rogers and is a prime example of the high-tech architectural style. The building is renowned for its exposed skeleton of structural elements on the outside, and its transparent escalators and large glass circular surfaces.

Unique Navigation Design inspired by Roger's innovative approach

Inspired by Rogers' innovative approach to architecture, I designed the app's navigation in a way that is intuitive yet unconventional.

I've highlighted the central button for the architecture scanner, challenging traditional design and focusing on the app's unique function. This 'Innovative Navigation Design' provides users with a direct and engaging way to explore architecture.

3. Use of Flexible Curves

I Incorporated the flexible curves and emphasis on rounded shapes into the design decision. This design choice can soften the app's visual impact, making it more approachable and user-friendly.

This design choice can soften the app's visual impact, making it more approachable and user-friendly

It aligns well with the modern aesthetic and could enhance the overall user experience by making the interface feel more fluid and less rigid. It's a great nod to Richard Rogers' architectural style, which often includes fluid lines and forms to create dynamic spaces.

Design Development Process

In this project, the most crucial goal was to solve real problems with my own imagination through a product that is not in the world. I went through countless trials and errors in the process.

Design System

All designs were created according to a consistent design system as a tool to perform its core functions most efficiently and perfectly.

Of the numerous design details, the most devoted part is definitely the camera scanner. The unique design of the Navigation Bar is designed to make it most accessible and most manageable for users to use arco's core features.

Advertising Campaign

Architecture Hunt / Card

ARCO held an event around New York City for the launch of their first architecture inspirational app. For the event, ARCO created 6 different transparent cards with ARCO’s scan graphic printed on it.

These cards were handed out to people around the city, encouraging them to actually find the building and the angle that matched the random card they received. When the building is found, they can share the photo on social to have the chance to win a prize.

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