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12 weeks

Jul 03 –

Dec 18, 2023


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UXO is the most advanced UX Design Tool for Students

"UX Design for UX Designers (Students)"

This was the most challenging, innocent, and punky idea for me to start a new project. As a student studying UX, it was an unforgettable experience to imagine solutions that could help UX designers while organizing the problems I have and the problems my colleagues have. It was countless UX designers who gave wings to my imagination, and through their advice and encouragement, UXO came into the world.

Problem Statement

Beginner UX students under five years of experience have common difficulties with technical limitations.
1. Collaboration Work & Team Composition

Collaboration or cooperation with other UX designers is challenging due to the lack of opportunity.

2. UX research & User testing

All the UX students learn how to do UX research (methodologically), but they need more opportunities to use what they have learned.

3. Review & Feedback

UX students often struggle to find adequate opportunities for feedback due to various technical limitations, such as access to experienced mentors, peer networks, or suitable platforms.


"Empower students with advanced UX design tools and a digital ecosystem for autonomous problem-solving."
Process

Welcome to UXO, Are you ready to explore the UX design world with us?

Users are supposed to provide their demographic information and personal interests, and the data collected in this way is used to deliver customized features for users.

1. Evaluation System

The most advanced UX Evaluation System

Systemized evaluation will be a great motivation for your UX Study

Just upload your UX project. UXO's evaluation system, which has learned over 10,000 UX projects, analyzes and evaluates your project.

Our UX experts will review the assessed data and provide a feedback note.

At the end of the evaluation process, UXO will assign your Level of Expertise based on the evaluated project. This Motivation Theory-inspired solution will make you use UXO as a chance of growth.

How does Evaluation work?
How does Evaluation work?
2. Collaborative Project

Participate in collaborative projects with various UX designers

There are numerous projects with different topics and particular purposes. Various opportunities will broaden your horizons as a UX designer and will be the first step toward growth.

3. Research Tool

Conduct and participate in UX research in UXO

Based on your demographic information, UXO will curate the various UX research for you.

From simple surveys to in-depth interviews with potential users, various UX research is prepared.

User Research

Donald Norman, a cognitive scientist, joined the team at Apple in the early 90s as their User Experience Architect—making him the first person to have UX in his job title. He came up with the term “user experience design” as a way of encompassing all that UX is.

Product Concept

If UX Design is about solving people's problems and dreaming of a better world, why don't we solve the problems we have studying UX Design?

Target Users

UX Design Students under 5 years of experience in the U.S.

User Survey

What problems do you have as a UX student?

1. Academic Challenges


UX students answered that lack of relevant experiences including collaboration, hackathon, mentorship is their biggest academic challenge.

2. Collaboration Works


20 students answered that composing the team is a challenge in their collaborative projects.

20 students answered that composing the team is a challenge in their collaborative projects.

20 students answered that composing the team is a challenge in their collaborative projects.

3. Feedback


Rare Opportunity

Rare Opportunity

They noted that it is hard to find the opportunity to receive various feedback.

They noted that it is hard to find the opportunity to receive various feedback.

They noted that it is hard to find the opportunity to receive various feedback.

Persona / User Journey

What are students' current UX project journey?

I applied the pain points of UX students derived through desk research and user surveys to two personas, Mark and Helena.

Following the UX work journey of two personas with different environments and characters, I tried to specify the problems and get close to the frictions.

Key Friction

By comparing and analyzing two personas with different characteristics and personalities, I found the key frictions in their UX design journeys.

Solution Ideation

Solution Ideation

For organic and autonomous problem solving, I intend to use Motivation given by systemized evaluation and feedback as a “Driving force.”

Driving Force

Driving Force

Driving Force

When students interacted with the full gamified application, which included the systemized evaluation displayed the best impact over all the sessions. Intrinsic motivation showed the highest results among all the sessions, increasing by 28%

Intrinsic motivation


Let's design a gamified UX evaluation system using artificial intelligence to amplify the user's intrinsic motivation.

UXO's brand design created by connecting the beginning and end of User Flow found in the User Journey Map

Key Solutions

Each of the three solutions has been derived to solve the three problems.

1. You can easily create and participate in various collaboration opportunities

Various collaboration project opportunities are available in UXO, from a short-term UX hackathon to 6 months UX certificate study group. According to the evaluation result, users can collaborate and connect with UX students with similar levels of expertise.

2. Conduct, participate in, generate your research in UXO

Based on users’ demographic information, UXO suggests your survey and testing to our users. Our advanced language model AI will suggest the right research structure for your target and goal.

3. Systemized and Gamified Evaluation for your project with our most advanced UX Evaluation process

Users can easily upload their UX work to get the systemized evaluation and feedback from UXO AI & UX professionals. Evaluation is a powerful motivation for growth and a strong driving force to use this product.

Design Process

IA / Sitemap

In addition to the three main features, the signing-in process was added to complete four groups of information architectures.

Wireframe / Low Fidelity

Validation / User Testing

Hey UX Designers!
Can UXO enhance your UX design experience?
User Testing Process
User Testing Process
User Testing Process

Design Refinement

Search & Filter

Three UX professionals gave me a great insight about “Search / Filter”.I learned that there’s a certain area where “Search / Filter” feature can enhance the usability.

Interview Timetable

In the research feature, Users can participate in interviews that they are interested in. However, in the case of In-depth interviews, unlike simple questionnaires, the usability had to be taken seriously because they were conducted 1:1 for a long time.

The usability can be increased by using a booking system such as Airbnb's booking system.

AI is not a god

"AI is not a God" is about Feasibility of the ideation.I looked back on whether the solution I conceived through feedback was overly dependent on AI.

That's why the solution was designed to limit AI technology to Quantitative Evaluation through Machine Learning and to receive specific feedback on the project from UX experts.

High Fidelity Wireframe

After the user-testing, I started beliving that this product is going to work. With the confidence, I developed the high fidelity wireframe.

Design System


In solution ideation, I emphasized the design of autonomous and organic solutions inspired by the Motivation theory. UXO's core design system and logo design were also created under the same design philosophy.

Design System

I have put much effort into building a rigid design system to deliver solutions and features to users without inconvenience.




What I learned from the project

1. Learning from User Testing and Feedback

Throughout the project, regularly testing with users and getting their feedback was crucial. It helped us refine the design to make sure it really clicked with our target users. This ongoing process showed us how important it is to listen to users at every step, reminding us that design is always evolving and we should always strive to make it better.

2. Personal Growth

Engaging in this project significantly contributed to my professional development. It deepened my understanding of UX design principles and methodologies while fostering personal growth through the cultivation of empathy, creativity, and adaptability. Overall, it was a transformative journey that enriched both my skills and perspective within the UX design field.

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